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A morning in Richmond Park

March 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Well it's a bit quiet at the moment, so I decided to have a wander around Richmond Park.  It was early morning and quite misty so finding anything to photograph was nigh on impossible until the sun broke through.  Looking for deer there were non to be found in their usual haunts, but after about a mile of searching I came accross a group of Fallow Deer resting under some trees, then I spotted some Red Deer in a nearby field, I could just see the tip of their antlers above the long grass, and one of them looked like a big stag.  I made my way stealthily towards them using the nearby bracken as cover. I managed to get a few good photos with my 70/400 lens. A young stag got a bit too close to the ladies and the big 'un soon saw him off with a charge and a roar.

Back in the wooded area the floor was littered with chestnuts, and they were falling from the trees all the time one after another, making a gentle landing sound as they hit the deck which was covered in fallen leaves.  The squirrels were everywhere collecting nuts, prising open the hairy shells to get at the nuts.

Jackdaws were aslo flitting about singly and in groups, perching on fallen tree branches seeking out any grubs thet were to be found.

All in all it was a most interesting morning and it's obvious that there is wild food in abundance here.

Must go back when snow is on the ground.

_DSC9867_DSC9867 Grey SquirrelGrey SquirrelWhere are those nuts? Grey SquirrelGrey SquirrelGrey Squirrel looking out Autumn LeavesAutumn LeavesAutumn leaves and golden colours in Richmond Park London


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